On April 7 – 9, 2023 we will be at Tops'l Farm for a Petite Pause Retreat. Join us!

SMC Retreats for WOMEN

From the saltwater coasts to the freshwater mountains, we lead retreats that include cold-exposure education and safety, daily dips, self-exploration exercises, yoga, breath-work and massage therapy. Retreats can vary in length from full-day to multiple days.

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Join us this April at Tops’l Farm for a Petite Pause Retreat Learn more


Groups of ladies at a mini retreat

SMC Mini Retreats for WOMEN

Our mini retreats are the ultimate nervous system reset when you only have a few hours. These blissful morning retreats will help you access a state of introspection, inner peace and clarity. Enjoy a combination of physiology education, breath-work, yoga, massage and cold-water dipping.

Location: RISE Wellness Collective

Cost: $100

Feb 25th – FULL – email us to get on waiting list

Mar 25 – FULL – email us to get on waiting list

Apr 22 – FULL – email us to get on waiting list

Join our email list to hear about the next mini retreat opportunity.

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Group of teens at a private Dip

SMC Private DIPS for ALL

Are you curious about trying cold-water dipping, but would prefer a more private experience with some guidance and one-on-one coaching?

Are you looking for an adventurous activity to do during your weekend away with friends?

Are you interested in a unique staff-bonding activity?

Are you part of a class, club or sport looking to connect as a group in an invigorating way?

Email us to inquire about your customized individual or small group dip experience!

Group on the beach for a community dip

SMC Community DIPS for ALL

If you feel a calling, a curiosity and a craving, Dip Down and RISE Up with us!

We organize free and open-to-all year-round community dips in our home town of York, Maine, USA. Please note that all dipping is at-your-own-risk. Please read our FAQ/safety page before coming to your first dip.

Take a look at our dip schedule.

Young ladies walking on the beach

Join us this March for Young Women Rising!

Designed for 5th/6th grade young women. This class (limited to 6 participants) will focus on teaching age-appropriate “nervous system 101” for body/mind education and awareness. Each class will vary slightly but will revolve around relaxation, yoga, breathing techniques, gentle massage, journaling, empowerment and an introduction to the tool of (age-appropriate) cold-water therapy for building mental resilience.

Learn more

Suggested list of what to bring/wear to your cold-water dip:

  • A bathing suit or any non-cotton apparel that you are most comfortable wearing
  • SMC dryrobe (or warm bathrobe)
  • Neoprene booties and gloves designed to keep your feet and hands comfortable
  • Warm mittens
  • Warm hat
  • A waterproof bag (plastic laundry basket or tote works well) to hold your belongings on the wet beach
  • A towel
  • Warm wool socks or slippers/ shoes (if needed for after your dip)
  • Warm water or tea for your drive home
  • An open and curious heart and mind