The Saltwater Mountain MINI (half-day) Retreats for Women: Dip – Yoga – Eat

Our SUMMER Saltwater Mountain MINI (half-day) Retreats for Women have aligned – in more ways than one – and it is my HOPE that they will align for you too…


🌊Dipping at Diana’s Bath – named for the Roman Goddess of birth, fertility and the moon!

⛰️Yoga at Mountain Kula Yoga Studio – named for a sense of belonging, a tribe and a community!

☀️Nourishing brunch at Table + Tonic – a solar-powered farm-to-table cafe and deli!


A ceremonious group dip experience in the cold water of The White Mountains, followed by a gentle yoga practice, followed by a nourishing brunch! 

Each MINI is limited to 6 participants – grab your spot(s) – these will be intimate and special!


3 OPTIONS: July 13, July 27, August 10

5:00AM (meet and leave York Park & Ride to beat the summer crowds and greet the sunrise)

To 1:00 PM (when we return to York Park & Ride)


Ride in the Saltwater Mountain Co. van from York, ME to Diana’s Bath in Bartlett, NH – approx ½ mile of easy relatively flat hiking – to bring us to and from the dipping pools – to Mountain Kula Yoga in North Conway, NH – to Table + Tonic Farm Cafe (right upstairs), and back to York, ME.


Reserve your retreat spot(s) today with Venmo payment (please note your date(s) and best contact info to dipdowntoriseup – $110 (does not include your “brunch”)


SMC credit only will be given for cancellations – If SMC has to cancel due to unforeseen circumstances, option for credit or refund will be given.


Rain or Shine!

If you want to attend and are pregnant, reach out to Amy first at

Or if you want to attend, but need to drive yourself for any reason, reach out to Amy first.

Brand new and seasoned dippers all welcome!

Amy will be in touch as the MINI gets closer with a simple packing list, reminders and waivers.


    Pay now to reserve your spot!

    Your Retreat Leader, Amy MacMahon Hopkins

    Amy has dedicated her entire career to supporting women’s health. During her 15 years as a birthing nurse, Amy was known for her innate ability to connect with patients through her unwavering belief in them. She nurtured these relationships through the years with her gift for creating community wherever she lived. In 2010, Amy opened a holistic wellness studio in York, Maine, across the street from the very hospital where she worked - expanding her professional roots and providing a hub for holistic healthcare in the community.

    With her medical background, thriving massage practice and yoga teaching, Amy became recognized as a community leader for wellness. For the next 10 years, healthcare professionals, local folks and tourists alike became regulars of her wellness offerings, training programs and continuing education courses. Amy became known for her engaging and positive personality - always willing to listen, empathize and offer hope.

    Today, with more (mid)life experience, Amy’s perspective on what inspires and connects us all continues to evolve. Saltwater Mountain Co. is the culmination of 27 years of listening, learning, teaching, touching, dipping, rising, living and guiding. In 2021, Amy launched “Dip Down to Rise Up” - a powerful and timely cold-water dipping movement that serves as the basis for The Saltwater Mountain Woman Retreats. These retreats are opportunities for women to gain insight and inspiration into how their unique challenges, inherent superpowers and the power of a cold-water dipping practice can transform the way they choose to live out their “one wild and precious life.”

    With a special love for and understanding of the magic and science of cold-water dipping, Amy is a true leader and passionate teacher of this practice for self-care, deep presence, breath awareness, nervous system insight, reinvention of self, embodying the feminine, supporting mental health and embracing change.

    Amy MacMahon Hopkins (she/her)

    • Saltwater Mountain Co. Founder
    • Cold-Water Dipping Guide
    • Speaker
    • Registered Nurse
    • Massage Therapist
    • Yoga Teacher
    • “Thermalist” Course-Trained
    • Wilderness First Aid/CPR Certified

    Amy by the ocean standing and smiling

    Pay now to reserve your spot!