From Maine to Colorado and back again, these places are not only where I call home, but where I discovered my love for taking care of people and the importance of taking care of myself. 

Founded in 2022

Amy M. Hopkins, (she/her/hers)


I am an empathetic extrovert and a classic Gemini with my relationships feeding my soul from every angle. Some of my favorite things to do are bring good people together, forge lasting connections, and build community and wellness around me. I love talking to strangers, and I love to travel anywhere my family, friends or minivan will take me. I love to dress way up and way down and visit any place where those looks are welcome. I love all-things bodywork and breath. I love poetry. I love to listen, and most of all, laugh.

I am an ambassador for self-care, a re-inventor of self, and an avid chill-seeker.

I have 12 years experience as a birthing nurse, 22 years as a massage therapist, 25 years practicing yoga as both teacher and student, and 13 years owning my own wellness studio.

The common thread of my professional patchwork has long been my natural ability to support people during some of the most transformational milestones of their lives. Today, I continue to weave my signature thread into my newest creation, Saltwater Mountain Company.



Welcome! I look forward to RISING UP with you!