What does Saltwater Mountain Co. mean?

It’s a metaphor for power, patience and presence. Life and our bodies are made up of constant dips and rises. (Spell check always wants to write ‘roses,’ and I like that.)

The ocean and mountains are constantly moving and evolving no matter the pace. They are patient. They believe in and depend on their connection to the moon. And time. They lean into each other. They need each other not unlike the balance of the id and the super-ego — one driven by instinct to shape, carve and push, while the other represents containment and boundaries. (Perhaps we then are the ego – mediating and floating between the two)

One is messy and one is solid, making them the perfect match.

They attract the adventurous, the brave, and lovers of beauty. They are home to the rarest and most exotic creatures. They connect the earth and sky. And the sun is its most powerful self when reflecting on either.

They are as ancient, sacred and healing as it gets. I feel they must hold the deepest secrets. And these, when we show up and venture in, are what we can hope to unlock.