Q: “What should I wear?”

The SHORT ANSWER: Whatever you want!

The LONG ANSWER: When cold-water dipping, stay away from cotton in the water! Folks wear any bathing suit that they have kicking around and in some cases, whatever’s clean (maybe). Some folks wear one piece, two piece, zip-up, short sleeve, long sleeve, underwear, leggings, t-shirt, wet suit, or sometimes a costume! And if you want to wear nothing, I wouldn’t stop you. It is truly a personal preference so I recommend to start with what you feel most comfortable in. My personal preference is to have maximum skin in direct contact with the water. Although the benefits may increase with the more skin exposed, this isn’t something you need to think too much about right away if you’re new to dipping, but maybe down the road if you’re looking for ways to “enhance the experience.” Wearing what YOU WANT keeps your mindset wide open to the cold and in a good position to receive the benefits. Again, this is your dip, your experience, your body. You’re showing up for you. That’s what’s so great about community dips, they are made up of a bunch of folks showing up for themselves. One magical byproduct of that is the community formed. Then you may find you start coming for that, and that’s the shift.

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