Amy is one of the most compassionate women I have ever met

Amy is one of the most compassionate women I have ever met. Whether it is her family, friends or anyone who is in need of support, she does not hesitate to offer them help. She is a very empathetic person and she has a lot of positive energy to share.

Amy is one of the most passionate women I have ever met when it comes to her life efforts. Her work choices – from Registered Nurse to Doula to Massage Therapist – all reflect her desire to help people, particularly women, to improve the quality of their lives.

Amy is also very creative and dedicated. Her new endeavor, Saltwater Mountain Co., is an example of her creativity in reaching out to women and others who desire a new way to make their lives happier and more rewarding. Amy introduces people to techniques that they can master so that they can improve their own clarity and wellness. The result is a more positive outlook and a more sustainable balance in their lives. Amy’s leadership and dedication nurtures Saltwater Mountain Co. Once again she extends her hand to others and, in doing so, enhances their lives.