…within a few weeks I would meet Amy and participate in a community dip

After reading about Amy and her newly formed Saltwater Mountain Co., in a New York Times article I decided to follow her and her company on Instagram. I wanted to learn more about this impressive woman and her endeavors. I did not expect that within a few weeks I would meet Amy and participate in a community dip. As it happened, I was trying to find a place to take my daughter for a special birthday celebration. I reached out to Amy who welcomed the idea of our traveling to Maine and dipping on this special day. Dip day was more than we could have hoped. Before the evening dip we had a private yoga class with Amy and it was by far the most fulfilling practice I’ve ever experienced.

Amy is very skilled in creating a relaxing atmosphere and tailoring the practice to the specific needs of the participants. She also employs her skills as a massage therapist to help relax the body into the poses, it was amazing. The dip followed and the participants were so kind and generous and open to new connections. It was apparent that everyone who joined truly believes in the healing powers of water.

Amy is a powerful ambassador in her mission to build community and empower women through cold water therapy experiences. My daughter and I truly look forward to joining her again.

-Mary C.