A Spectator’s POV

approx water temp:  40.6F

approx air temp:  40F

The intuitive SMC circle formed just after 5PM on Valentine’s Day.

5 bodies and 10 hands stood while safety promises were made and easily agreed upon.

As a spectator, I witnessed an outgoing calm and camaraderie among those walking in.

Once past the rocky entrance, soft sand appeared easily found.  

Partial and full immersion happened. Free style always welcome.

I estimate 5 – 7 minutes in.  And no rush out.

Maybe it was just me, but I think both internal and external smiles were happening.  I assumed the waves were … aggressive .. but I heard otherwise. The phrase “not bad” was uttered by several.

Not bad, indeed.

– Natalie Pavlov, A Saltwater Mountain Woman