My dip journey

With my recent personal losses from 2019-2021, I experienced a most sudden void and emptiness that I instinctually wanted to immediately fix or fill – and couldn’t. It felt as though the floor had been taken out from under me.

The full-body cold-water sensation put that “floor” back under me. So much so, that I not only felt whole and ok, but really good!

It’s hard to find something as intense as deep loss to counteract it. Cold water was that for me. Literally, the crashing cold waves met me where I was. It was the only thing in nature that truly understood my grief state. The only thing as intense as the grief itself. It was profoundly balancing for me. I am now actually eager to get back in the cold-water to continue building this awesome resiliency that the cold provides.

Amy Hopkins in white dress in waterfall

PS: #throwbackthursday pic to July when it was time to get my favorite dress and hat in the water with me. It wasn’t doing any good hanging in the closet. The dress lived and is doing great!